Between Fingertip & Key by Jo Wang

Jo Wang

Between Fingertip & Key

9 tracks

Running time: 0:42:33
Released: 03/2010

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  01   Norbital - 4:11
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  02   Thesis - 7:57
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  03   Between Fingertip & Key - 4:39
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  04   The Pinpoint Whole - 6:36
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  05   A Reflection Caused an Action - 4:16
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  06   Wave Whisper - 6:00
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  07   l'altra belta - 4:28
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  08   Island - 3:53
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  09   Outro - 0:33

More Info

Album contains solo recordings where combination of recorded speech/electronics is improvised upon playing a prepared piano.

The prepared piano is recorded first take only. Phrases revealing bad technics or microphone stands accidentally hit to the studio floor is all recorded.

Microphones is pointed as near as possible towards the piano keyboard it selves. This cause the sound of fingertips hitting the keyboard to take important place in the musical picture.

"Released from its causal consequence the actual action becomes an attraction on its own"