The Cave by Pyramid Peak

Pyramid Peak

The Cave

2 tracks

Running time: 1:11:41
Released: 03/2010

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  01   Range Of Sound - 33:44
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  02   Underground Movement - 37:57
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SynGate CD-R PP10

Recorded live at the 'Dechenhöhle', a cave in Germany, on 24th October 2009.

Dear customer, we apologize for the fact, that track 2 suffered from heavy distortion at around 21:35 min. We remixed the whole album and could reduce the heavy distortion to an almost unnoticable minimum. The distortion however was brought to the record by recording live in a humid cave where of course the technic suffered from. Please contact with a proove of purchase and you will get a replacement or re-download it here if still possible.

Regards Axel (Pyramid Peak) and Lothar (SynGate Records)