Spacejuggler by Harald Nies

Harald Nies


8 tracks

Running time: 1:06:10
Released: 01/2007

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  01   Spacejuggler - 7:16
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  02   Dual Systems - 5:59
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  03   Lights in third eyes - 6:42
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  04   Orange Temple - 13:21
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  05   Magma Chakra - 11:51
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  06   Weightless Suite - 5:50
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  07   Organic Section - 7:45
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  08   Starrain - 7:26
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More Info

... If Magnetic Deflection pleased, Dual Systems (NOW called SPACEJUGGLER) will do it again for sure.
Harald Nies continuous it work undertaken on its 3rd opus, but with more audacity. His evolution is clear
(Orange Temple, Magma Chakra and Organic Section), testifying an increasing maturity and a taste to
develop a more complex music, but always by privileging an accessibility, an opening for a still tepid
public. A good album, with beautiful lucky finds.

Sylvain from Québec, Canada Guts Of Darkness