knutsford in may by radio massacre international

radio massacre international

knutsford in may

5 tracks

Running time: 1:01:57
Released: 05/1997

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  01   under the dish - 5:50
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  02   frozen north part 2 - 7:02
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  03   ha'penny bridge - 10:52
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  04   skeletope - 23:50
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  05   action painting - 14:23
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RMI's fantastic 1996 Jodrell Bank performance. Other than some adjusted artwork, this is identical to the (now deleted) CD release on Centaur.

Concert report 18th May 1996...

7:30pm sharp and RMI took the stage (which by now was completely swamped by an impressive array of equipment, including two Mellotrons). The lights went down and virtual darkness heralded the opening section of RMI's improvised set. Already there is no mistaking their style. Steve Dinsdale faced the audience, perched behind his Mellotron. Duncan Goddard sat behind Steve to the left, adjacent to a pair of keyboards and in close proximity to the RMI rack which sprouted from the stage almost like a fourth member of the band. Laden with hi tech sequencers, sound modules, samplers, effects and controllers it responded to the avalanche of midi data flowing through it by creating sounds straight from the analogue archives. Gary Houghton fronted the band, closer to the audience than his fellow artists, breathing life into his guitar and manipulating a variety of floor based pedals and switches.

RMI are not ones to stand on ceremony, and were immediately into their stride. They presented the audience with 30 minutes of unbroken improvisation which consisted of three bridged pieces. At times the sequences led the music, but mainly it was mellotron, effects and some superb guitar work which dominated providing the perfect atmosphere for the visuals. And what were the visuals? In a Planetarium it must be starscapes of course? Well actually, no! Unfortunately the electrical drain of all the equipment on stage had temporarily knocked out the Planetarium operator's computer controlled console, and to get everything back would have disrupted the performance. This did not trouble RMI though, because they had brought along their own videos to accompany the music and these were projected onto the dome to produce a stunning visual tapestry of light and colour.

The second part of RMI's set started with more chattering sequences, mellotron and guitar vying for position, toying with each other. Soon the sequence was stripped down and put into a holding patter for the effects to come. And it was here that RMI played one of their greatest ever pieces. The sublime mellotron playing and especially the restrained electric guitar was simply unbelievable creating an atmosphere you could almost touch. Then RMI introduced samples of Jodrell Bank sending signals to the lunar astronauts, a brilliant idea which worked better than they could ever imagined. The piece has been retrospectively titled 'Skeletope' and it's something I advise you all to look out for on a future release (the whole set looks likely to be released as a live CD, tentatively titled "Under the Dish").

The final piece was very much designed to bring everyone back down to earth. Steve Dinsdale fashioned a purposeful sequence on the Doepfer MAC16 and this was used as the basis of a piece which drifted slowly around the dome, bringing the journey to a perfect end. (GG)