march 2000 by radio massacre international

radio massacre international

march 2000

6 tracks

Running time: 1:13:53
Released: 11/2009

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  01   fresh bananas - 17:17
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  02   rainy day snog - 10:59
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  03   what's the point of going to crete__crisps water batteries - 15:31
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  04   geiger - 9:26
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  05   upstairs - 12:43
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  06   downstairs - 7:57
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More Info

the audience at the jodrell bank concerts of 2000 will remember that there was a boxed set available late that year, gathering together the best of the concert series. our contribution differed from the others in that we decided to add material from a concert we played two weeks later in the netherlands. in trying to decide which parts of the two concerts to include, I had them playing simultaneously in my audio-edit software. this was possible because we'd done more-or-less the same set on both occasions. the idea then came to us to leave the performances layered in various ways where it worked, & to pick the better of the two recordings where it didn't. this, then, was the result, & we now make it available again with the original "internal use" artwork.