Gent by Free System Projekt

Free System Projekt


4 tracks

Running time: 1:11:00
Released: 10/2007

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  01   Desolate Landscape - 17:03
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  02   Gent 4 - 32:53
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  03   Moyland Part 4 - 14:12
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  04   Gent 5 - 6:52
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More Info

Next to Redshift, FSP are the most popular
band amongst our customers, so a new album
is something of an event. 'Desolate
Landscape' just oozes atmosphere as a low
brooding rumble is joined by sinister
undulating drone. Gradually things get
more intense, like a vast turbulent cloud
of evil coming down to Earth engulfing all
before it. In the fourth minute a sequence
can be heard low in the mix like the
frightened pulse of some fleeing animal.
Another sequence in deployed then another
as if an opposing force is joining battle
with the darkness. The pulsations keep
coming forming an avalanche of notes that
will have fans of mid seventies Tangerine
Dream in raptures though I am not sure if
TD ever did anything quite this powerful!
A haunting lead line hangs above all the
mayhem like the vast hand of some divine
being ready to strike. My God what an
incredible way to start an album!

'Gent 4' has a rather steamy rainforest
beginning with cosmic twitters and
shimmers mixing together. More electronics
mimicking strange alien animal noises
create en edgy tension. This is
atmospheric picture music of the highest
order and the sounds chosen are simply
awesome - in a nightmarish sort of way.
Sighing wordless vocal pads are punctuated
by metallic clangs- sounds from the depths
of Hell itself. A percussive sequence can
be heard very low in the mix making things
sound a little Schulzian. Slowly, oh so
slowly, this sequence becomes more
prominent and another can just be heard
developing in its wake. This second one
grows and overtakes its partner. Melodic
pads swell as the power increases. Think
of 'Mirage'. A further sequence bubbles up
through the mix. It's mesmerizing stuff
best to just close your eyes and let the
music take you with it.

'Moyland Part 4' starts all dark and
bubbly, backed by mellotron choir. Almost
straight away a belting sequence surges
forward morphing wonderfully taking us
back to those heady days of 'Rubycon'. A
superb analogue sounding lead flashes
amongst the thunderous pulsations like
lightning - with just as devastating
effect. This is absolutely awesome stuff,
just about as powerful as Berlin School
music gets and wouldn't have been out of
place on 'Arcturus', as wouldn't the next
track 'Gent 5'. Unbelievably the initial
sequence is even more ball breaking than
anything else on the album, rolling
forward like some vast unstoppable war
machine. Two lovely mellotrons, one flute
and one sounding like celestial strings
contrast the blistering sequence
perfectly. It's an incredible track to
finish what is probably Free System
Projekt's best album to date. If you are
into sequencer driven Berlin School music
it is an absolutely essential purchase. (DL)