Awake Mind by Salvinorin


Awake Mind

5 tracks

Running time: 0:43:39
Released: 10/2009

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  01   Salvinorin - Flying Consciousness - 10:51
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  02   Salvinorin - Between Day And Night - 8:17
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  03   Salvinorin - Lucid Projection - 8:10
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  04   Salvinorin vs Ykalos - Sun Rise - 8:58
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  05   Salvinorin - Floating - 7:23
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More Info

Mind Tweakers proudly announce the 10th digital EP: Salvinorin - Awake Mind. Salvinorin, also know as Beto, is a producer and a VJ from Brasilia, Brazil. In this EP, Beto brings to us his tribal and melodic side with five incredible songs that flows in a totally tribal drum experience. Some etno elements and a very good taste for melodies is also his trademarks. There is a very interesting participation by Ykalos, a Brazilian musician, doing with guitars a very harmonic composition. And in the background theme as usual, mind evolution and peace traduced in wave frequencies.