Naturalforce by Paul Stokes

Paul Stokes


13 tracks

Running time: 0:46:29
Released: 04/2007

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  01   Katrina - 2:45

  02   Sleep - 2:45
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  03   Zeon - 10:18
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  04   Shark Attack - 2:29

  05   Disconnection - 4:50

  06   The Passing - 3:43

  07   Release - 2:19

  08   Concepcion - 4:23

  09   Pincinthorpe Forest - 4:36

  10   Bittersweet Theme - 2:10

  11   Flight - 3:31

  12   Country Air - 1:04

  13   Take my Hand - 1:36
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More Info

A thematic musical exploration of the power of Mother Nature, especially in the piece Katrina' inspired by the hurricane Katrina. These are all emotional Landscapes meant to inspire and excite.
More comprehensive than the EP ‘Naturale’, ‘Naturalforce’ is a more definitive version and perhaps more ‘romantic’ in places. Disconnection/The Passing/Release are taken when music defining a local passing storm overhead. Pieces like ‘Sleep’ ‘Zeon’ and ‘Take my hand’, take you on a more visionary journey perhaps?
Some of these works were created when studying for his diploma in ‘Music for the Media’ accredited by the Film Music Institute, in Los Angeles.
Sometimes, Paul takes recording equipment to capture the sounds as with ‘Storm’ and at other times inspiration is drawn from visuals. However it happens, the interaction with the natural world is imperative, and the bringing this interaction to Music is an important long term aim.
An ongoing interest in Astronomy and the Universe is a big influence in his music creation at the moment, and Paul has projects up his sleeve for future implementation. He will release details in the future via the normal Blog/MySpace and other channels….