Naturale by Paul Stokes

Paul Stokes


8 tracks

Running time: 0:19:54
Released: 02/2007

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  01   Pincinthrope Forest - 4:37
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  02   Battlewalk - 0:57

  03   Lion Heart - 2:14
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  04   The Kill - 2:01

  05   Saddness of the Beast - 1:08

  06   Shark Attack - 2:29
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  07   Commical Chase - 1:01
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  08   Sea Journey - 5:27

More Info

From Forests to Sharks, and Sea to Chase, here is a fascinating musical glimpse of these phenomina through the musical eye of the composer. Paul Stokes has clearly interpreted the visible into the audio Lanscape-we can experience being underwater as in Shark Attack, while our minds imagination is lit up in that cold world with the sharks eye spotting a movement and the chase murderously starts to it's end where all that is left is debris form the carcass!
Paul Stokes has had a lively interest for years in the Natural World, from forests to Animals and Birds etc These tracks and more on the album Naturalforce, are a short interpretation of how he veiws this beautiful world in music.