Imagination by Paul Stokes

Paul Stokes


6 tracks

Running time: 0:37:49
Released: 02/2007

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  01   Christmas in Narnia - 4:37
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  02   Distant Shores - 4:45

  03   Neutrino - 4:24

  04   Mirage - 3:56

  05   Discovery - 5:18

  06   Creation - 14:49
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‘Imagination’- A well received album of New Age and Electronic Instrumental Orchestral works. An intense weaving of beautiful Melodic Themes with driving percussion yet set in beds of subtle strings at times-electronic or otherwise. Lie back and think of Outer Space…of Orion or Dark Matter! It’s your choice.
Conceived purely with Electronic Synth’s in studio, Paul Stokes breathes the life of his imagination into these tracks and you are taken on a visual journey which takes you through a breathtaking vista-some say at 14Min 49sec it’s a masterpiece of ‘Creation’-whatever it is, it is a joy to hear….?