Morningstar Part2 The World Behind the Mirror by Jim Kirkwood

Jim Kirkwood

Morningstar Part2 The World Behind the Mirror

5 tracks

Running time: 1:21:18
Released: 10/2009

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  01   Sanctuary for a Wounded Crow - 17:41
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  02   Eala Erendel - 17:36
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  03   The god who walked the Earth - 14:37
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  04   The Universe Has A Shadow - 13:44
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  05   The Desolation of Truth - 17:40
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More Info

This is the second volume in the Morningstar series, to which I have added a bonus track which will possibly need a CD of its own if you are going to burn this music to CD. I have provided an extra disc image for this purpose. The themes and inspiration for this music continues from the first volume, in that I explore various ideas of my own take on the reality of the world around us and the conspiracy theories arising from that subject. On top of that I have layered my own Gnostic beliefs. Yes, business as usual for me then. We live in interesting times!