In der Ferne by Pete Farn

Pete Farn

In der Ferne

6 tracks

Running time: 1:03:11
Released: 10/2009

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  01   Das heisere Cello - 10:10
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  02   Himmelsklänge im Tower - 10:16
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  03   Zwei eloquente Trompeten - 13:10
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  04   Klone - 7:34
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  05   Kollidierende Erdenklänge - 11:08
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  06   In der Ferne - 10:53
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SynGate CD-R PF06

The idea for the "Tales From The Modular Zone" revealed itself through the use of an analog modular system: surreal worlds, the modular zone, tales, Synthosaurs, living music instruments...
Clear that even the "good old" analog sequenzer would be used. But with the hardware alone it is not done and the old electronic waters are brackish. But: are there any musicians managing to really create something new? It is more realistic to unite existing styles or different music worlds. Voila, a concept was born: Six pieces of music, born out of the "old electronic world" - that is classic modular sequences as a basement - combined with a "slightly different musical world": in every piece a more classical instrument plays the more or less equal counterpart. Those who know Pete Farn's music can imagine how he interprets “other music worlds”: A cello (first piece) is not played like a cello. His cello is hoarse, and enervated by the cozy cool grind of the sequencer. And the busy talking trumpets in the second piece are light years away from the virtuosity of Miles Davis or Nils Petter Molvaer. But: this is 2009 and the cello and trumpet etc. have become living beings. The "Clones" in Title 4 are two synchronous running "960" sequencer. New variations arise while playing the skip buttons. The guitarist "Teff Kult" tumbled for a while in the New York Avantgarde scene, which is hearable unmistakable. Track 2 and 5 are a mix of session and computer patchwork. Teff Kult was well on it during the two nights: sounds wild, born to be wild!
"In der Ferne" is an electronic blues. Traditionalists of electronic music will feel good with it. The title was recorded live with no subsequent overdubs.
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