Gallery Concerts by MYTHOS


Gallery Concerts

5 tracks

Running time: 0:52:54
Released: 09/2009

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  01   Analogdigitalpolyphomono - 9:38
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  02   Filtergatemania - 10:19
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  03   Improviflutecho - 10:09
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  04   Mysticauroraborealis - 12:49
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  05   Sequenctrumpetextasy - 9:59
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More Info

After releasing lot of studio-albums for a long time, MYTHOS is going back to his roots and presents his new Live-CD called "Gallery Concerts". It was recorded in realtime by using a bunch of instruments, like his "Tull" tranfers flute, an electronic bagpipe, different legendary effects and a vocoder.
Plus an surprising instrument. Besides the structure of his music, Stepahn gave himself also some time for improvisations and soli. This all was and will be performed without an PC on stage. The music is coming out of hardwaresequenzers. The songs are straightlined, melodic and have a celtic touch.
Stephan Kaske will perform his music live in several Gallerys, EM-Concerts and Vernissages.