Reflections by Magic Dimension

Magic Dimension


7 tracks

Running time: 1:01:58
Released: 06/2009

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  01   shadows behind me - 7:42
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  02   catacombs - 10:14
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  03   ghost train - 9:55
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  04   mojave desert - 10:31
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  05   assembled world - 7:32
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  06   ok - 8:01
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  07   song of joy - 8:03
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Reflections of all kind, in nature or interpersonal in our community. These are signals, positive or negative, excitement or suffering, conscious or unconscious. Signals we send and receive at all times. The song „assembled world“ shows mankind that hide behind ready made opinions and masks and who created themselves a world made of colourful catalogues and TV-series.