Earthview by Magic Dimension

Magic Dimension


8 tracks

Running time: 1:07:43
Released: 06/2009

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  01   space sonar - 8:24
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  02   escape - 10:02
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  03   orbiter - 7:12
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  04   space beat - 8:10
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  05   the cosmic - 9:07
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  06   piece of universe - 8:12
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  07   cosmic slo mo - 9:03
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  08   whispering stars - 7:33
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More Info

"Earthview" is, after "Sounds from outer Space" my second space-album. This time not built up as story but meant to let yourself float and dive, generated by the songs like “Lunar landing”, "no horizon" (from "The other Space-Night"-Project"), or "orbiter 039". Sounds that report from the „endless width of space“ or he „human zest for action, to elict the myteries of space“. Songs made for “Earthview” on Space Night.