Impossible Geometries by AirSculpture


Impossible Geometries

3 tracks

Running time: 0:52:47
Released: 06/1995

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  01   Floe - 24:14
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  02   Impossible Geometries - 19:07

  03   Stranger Tractors - 9:26
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Adrian Beasley, John Christian, Peter Ruczynski. Three guys from Reading. They like to improvise. That's all we need to know really.

'Floe' opens with a repetitive chord structure creating a dark, gloomy atmosphere. Synth riffs attempt to pierce the murk, but to no avail. Six minutes in and the clouds start to disperse. Anticipation is built carefully. The sequences arrive, and (in the words of Dave Law) "what a sequence"! Constantly shifting, constantly developing. At times an echoing pulse, at others a scything wall of sound. It dies momentarily, only to herald in another sequenced section. Well paced, superbly structured, and backed by some brilliant drum lines which really do make the track stomp. Synth lines weave their way around the sequential lattice work before being left in isolation to form a poignant close.

'Impossible Geometries' opens carefully and melodically, the improvised themes growing in stature with familiarity. A sequential throb introduces a superb arpeggiating section which is adorned by yet more synth mastery. It is faded, then restarted as it constantly mutates and distorts. Eventually it breaks down to leave brooding synth chords to bring the piece to an epic close.

Classic TD voices herald 'Stranger Tractors'. The sequencers which soon follow are sheer brilliance, accompanied by superb synth sweeps and refrains. A swirling cacophony of synthesis punctuates the mid section of this piece, before Air Sculpture play their trump card. A sensational section follows featuring mellotron 'washes', sequences and rasping leads. Fade to close, and it's over all too soon.

If you haven't seen the adverse comments which have already started to circulate about "retro", then you haven't missed much. If however you have read them and are wondering why certain factions are so unhappy, well take a listen to this album. You will witness a stark reminder of what improvisation has to offer. And what's more, it ain't going to stop here. (GG)