Morningstar Part1 Revelations of the Fallen by Jim Kirkwood

Jim Kirkwood

Morningstar Part1 Revelations of the Fallen

4 tracks

Running time: 1:12:46
Released: 04/2009

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  01   The Little Crooked House of Reality - 17:37
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  02   By the Dawn's Early Light - 12:53
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  03   Escaping the Holograph - 11:43
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  04   Paradise Lost - 30:33
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More Info

I wanted to begin a project inspired by my ongoing interest in Gnosticism and Morningstar, of which this is part one, is that project. The name 'Morningstar' refers to the morning and evening star, mostly known as the planet Venus, which after the sun is the brightest object in the sky. 'Dawntreader' is another of its names, used by C S Lewis as one of the titles in his Narnia series. Strangely enough it is associated with both Jesus and Lucifer. Take your pick! Gnostics consider them to be one and the same anyway, and indeed, the final revelation in the Bibleis where Jesus reveals that he is Lucifer the Morningstar. Other aspects of Gnosticism include the illusionary nature of the world which might be better understood as a Matrix or holographic reality. Throw a little conspiracy theory and theological controversy into the mix and you have something special.