Electrokinesis by Jack Andrews

Jack Andrews


10 tracks

Running time: 0:53:19
Released: 02/2007

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  01   Edward Leedskalnin - 3:10
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  02   Cosmic Ocean - 10:37
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  03   Crystallyne - 4:49
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  04   Dark Space - 4:31
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  05   Mysterious Forest - 5:49
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  06   Dear Brother Subash - 4:33
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  07   The Orion Zone - 6:37
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  08   Abduction - 2:39
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  09   Lost Oasis - 3:49
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  10   The Spirit People - 6:45
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Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your song The Orion Zone I heard it on Gary David's website. very very moving, inspiring, It raises me to incredibly higher levels of consciousness and peace!
"The Orion Zone" is a true masterpiece of creative music. Thanks, your work is brilliant ~ Phil, from Boston USA

Hey Jack, listened to Electrokenesis and liked it very much. It has that 70's SpaceMusic feel of T-Dream but with a very modern production, which is what I like. ~ Rick Rascati ~ Composer ~ Connecticut

Hey Jack, I just was listening to your music.. Incredible stuff Id say, its my kinda thing, I love all the sounds your creating also :D !!!! ~ WJ Plumb ~ UK ~ solo artist