Shifting Sands by Ian Boddy & David Wright

Ian Boddy & David Wright

Shifting Sands

5 tracks

Running time: 1:02:36
Released: 09/2009

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  01   Halcyon - 13:07
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  02   Still Motion - 15:35
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  03   Shifting Sands - 14:57
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  04   Endless Terrain - 12:57
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  05   Comets - 6:00
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More Info

This is an album of sublime space music rhythmic, but with both artists very much in a chilled mode. Fans will no doubt have great fun trying to determine "who did what" but one thing for certain is that this is electronic music of the very highest quality, and the creative efforts of these highly respected instrumental music composers has produced a sensational album of varied electronica that is sure to please and surprise and garner plaudits from fans and media alike.

The first four long tracks explore gently rhythmic and beautiful textured soundscapes with a modern edge. The production is sublime and apart from sounding (obviously) very much like an amalgam of the two artists involved, the music occasionally nods gently in the direction of Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and Vangelis while always remaining true to the individual styles of Boddy & Wright, and more importantly, to the unique new sound this terrific collaboration has produced. The shorter 6 minutes closer "Comets" is an unashamed foot-tapping synth music stomper that'll make your hi-fi speakers rattle.