Live at UKE 1985 by Wavestar


Live at UKE 1985

6 tracks

Running time: 0:53:25
Released: 09/2009

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  01   Wavestar - 7:00
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  02   Departure - 3:35
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  03   Zenith - 11:03
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  04   Osaka Hai - 10:58
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  05   Melanie - 8:47
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  06   Time Node - 12:02
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More Info

It remains to this day one of the greatest UK Electronica performances. Nearly 25 years ago Wavestar entered the stage as virtual unknowns, and left a phenomenon whose reputation remains undiminished to this day despite a relatively short career and the untimely demise of sequencer king Dave Ward-Hunt.

But John Dyson is still going strong and he has resurrected this tape from the mists of time. Hear how the audience grows into the concert as their wonderment increases. Wavestar were literally mobbed after this concert, their stall swept clean of every tape available.

To preserve the atmosphere and authenticity of the concert it remains largely untouched, but for some sympathetic digital remastering (by JD himself). Hence you will hear some imperfections and "warts" but that's what live music is all about. Enjoy Wavestar's first release in over a decade. And perhaps not their last. :)