Consciousness Evolving by Jack Andrews

Jack Andrews

Consciousness Evolving

12 tracks

Running time: 1:16:26
Released: 03/2008

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  01   Tale of a Comet - 7:23
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  02   Cloud Dreamer - 5:04
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  03   Outer Galaxies - 5:02
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  04   Space Rider - 4:21
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  05   Dimensional Shifter - 4:15
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  06   Light at the End of the Tunnel - 8:16
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  07   Spirit Mind - 7:06
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  08   Anti Gravity - 3:02
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  09   The Whales Speak - 7:56
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  10   Deep Space Meditation - 14:46
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  11   Eternal Universe - 4:14
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  12   Consciousness Evolving - 5:01
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Love the album! 5 stars!
author: A German fan
"Consciousness Evolving" is an impressive journey into a deep world of unheard sounds. So much atmosphere! I love the huge dynamics into the songs. Sometimes they sounds mellow, one second later hard and stirring. Exemplary! One of my absolute favorites!

A South African Perspective 5 stars!

author: Rob Milne South Africa
"Tale of a comet" has the harmonius ebb and flow of the stars moving slowly accross the clear African night sky. "Space Riders" picks up the momentum and creates a sense of excitement and anticipation. This is truely relaxing sky-watching and deeply reflective music that resonates with my soul.These music tapestries are masterfully woven.

author: Doug McEdwards 5 stars!

Art and its offspring are less about creating something than about making visible that which has always existed but which has not been available to our senses. Applied to the aural sphere, this music accomplishes exactly that: one gets the sense one has always "known" these works while realizing they are nevertheless "new," revealed by the skill Jack Andrews brings to this art. A sense of pleasure at "recognizing" his music makes obtaining his album exciting and rewarding. These "opera" remove me from the tedium of the constant repetition of daily life events and allow me to indulge in new spaces, new moments, new sensations as seasoned as Creation itself. These are exciting children he has brought into my consciousness yearning, fulfillment, pleasure, are all accessed thanks to his gift of musical revelation. Hardly intrusive, decidedly satisfying, I'm delighted to have "rediscovered" the vibrations Jack has unveiled. I thank him for his gift of this music.