Cryptic Labyrinth by Harald Nies

Harald Nies

Cryptic Labyrinth

8 tracks

Running time: 0:55:07
Released: 08/2009

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  01   Cryptic labyrinth - 7:24
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  02   Loftsoft - 6:02
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  03   Faghora - 7:00
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  04   Delay Rama - 5:12
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  05   Hopefull visions - 7:30
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  06   Open senses - 7:44
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  07   Pensive times - 5:41
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  08   Wazniu the sylph - 8:34
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More Info

"Cryptic Labyrinth" is spacemusic as You will like it: pulsating sequences a la Chicane, soft rhytmic beats and in between Harald's rockin' electronic guitar. Although his music is soft, warm and melodic, it is not cheesy at all. On "Delay Rama" is a special track for spacerock-fans. The artists shows with this track what can happen if you will play a single guitar with diffrent reverb-rooms.
The album was produced in 2008 and is now released for the first time.