Synesthesia by Magman



3 tracks

Running time: 0:23:45
Released: 07/2009

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  01   Sunday - 7:50
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  02   Brightness - 8:27
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  03   Perspiration Nation - 7:28
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Returning from the storm, we invite you to open yourself up to the new horizons that lay ahead during the summer, and all of life.The life that lives everywhere and everytime. Beautiful, hypnotic, and atmospheric, this trip into the peaceful and relaxed ecstatic vibration and emotion behind the soul, will hopefully send you to find peace in electronic music, and future sounds of all nature. We truly are happy to share with you, what we feel is one of the best kept secrets in Europe. Hailing from Drammen, Norway, Stephen O. Johnsen is brilliant in his construction, production and overall essence of being a timeless musician. The worlds he invites us to, are rich in color , Chilled sounds, and visual bliss. Join in on the forward motion of luscious melody, sunrise dance, and healing vibrations designed for your well being. Welcome to the world of MAGMAN. Thank you all for the continued support and keep exploring!.........

"The search for musical ecstasy begins again. I am lying completely naked, relaxed with eyes closed. Slowly, from all directions I am enveloped by these smooth spirals of sound, like a million ascending bubbles, arising from within an internal, atmospheric infinity. And this is good."-Mark Riva