Living Planet by Dan Pound

Dan Pound

Living Planet

6 tracks

Running time: 1:11:59
Released: 07/2009

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  01   Birth of a Planet - 12:13
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  02   Dawn of Man - 14:14
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  03   Monolith - 12:31
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  04   Time Forgotten - 9:49
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  05   Living Planet - 12:17
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  06   Ray of Creation - 10:55
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More Info

"Birth of a Planet" begins with primeval deep rumblings, though this soon gives way to flutes, synths, random electronic sounds and gentle percussion. The many layers seem like they shouldn't fit but they do. Now that we have a living planet we need to populate it, so "Dawn of Man" is next, bubbling up from the primordial ooze.

Wordless vocals wail plaintively in the background midway through as tribal and futuristic sounds collide. Vocals become more pronounced at the end as a phrase is repeated, though I can't make out what is being sung or what language it is, or if it is even words. The vocal phrase continues to repeat as a thumping beat and a bit of synths join in on "Monolith." A very Schulze-like lead line plays softly toward the end, very nice.

Long sustained swells slowly breathe in and out on "Time Forgotten," sounding both organic and synthetic. Tribal drums and flutes return, as do wordless vocals. It ends in a smattering of sparkling synth tones and the same sweeping sound that started things off. The majestic tone continues into the title track, and gradually tapers off into deep meditative reflections, even more so as it flows into the closing number, "Ray of Creation," a beautifully spacious way to finish off the album. (Phil Derby / Electroambient Space)