The Demon Haunted World by Under the Dome

Under the Dome

The Demon Haunted World

4 tracks

Running time: 1:08:37
Released: 06/1998

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  01   Flussiger Vier-Takter - 8:34

  02   The Aeon's Day - 22:28

  03   The Bridge - 13:35

  04   Hell - 24:00
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Grant Middleton, one of the artists behind UtD (Colin Anderson completes the duo), described his influences in a recent interview as "...the usual suspects...". If 70's Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre are your suspects then this is an album you simply must check out.

The opener 'Flüssuger Vier-Takter' opens with a ticking clock closely followed by an acoustic guitar/piano section. This proves a brief lull before the storm however, which engulfs the scene in the form of a wall of classic analog sequencing. Insistent synth themes pursue the sequential trail which gathers momentum as it charts its relentless path. It's classic EM in every sense and those in tune with this style will by now be settling back confident in the knowledge that this is an album which will enjoy many hours basking under their CD's laser. The sequences fade to herald a return to piano themes.

'The Aeon's Day' opens with dense pads and well placed effects which thin out at 3 minutes to usher in the sequence. Yet again its a superbly constructed rhythm embellished by bright synth themes which form an unlikely but hugely effective partnership with the moodier sequences. Another pleasing aspect is the subtle way emphasis switches between the sequences and synth lines, underlined at the 9 minute mark as the pulsations mutate and settle into a holding pattern allowing the lead lines to undergo a complimentary shift. At 15 mins the sequences fade leaving beautiful and poignant flute refrains to build anticipation again. That anticipation is duly rewarded in the shape of an explosive sequence which crashes onto the scene and transcends the piece to even greater heights. The supplemental patterns are also a joy to behold and the thematics are tremendous. Perhaps the highlight of the album.

'The Bridge' opens with atmospherics and then optimistic refrains which hint at sections of 'Rubycon'. At 6 minutes the sequential wall hits home and again it's another blistering section. Discordant synth-guitar style textures portray a harder edge and contrast well with previous sections providing balance and variety, and the overall result brings to mind TD in 'Pergamon Part 2' form.

Finally 'Hell' and at a touch under 24 minutes this is a substantial track in every respect. Surging synth pads open proceedings and a variety of motifs add detail before the touch paper is lit at the 7 minute mark. Sequencing is undoubtedly a strong feature of this album and the expert construction here does nothing to diminish that statement. Synth themes ebb and flow as different elements are introduced to ensure momentum is maintained. At 15 mins the sequences fade to be replaced by a collection of the choicest cameo roles - I picked up shades of Floyd's 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pt 2' and Vangelis's 'Spiral' - before sequencing is reintroduced to bring the track to a close in fine style. This is a marvellous debut album in every sense and a must for collectors of quality EM. (GG)