Dome Roots Collection by Under the Dome

Under the Dome

Dome Roots Collection

8 tracks

Running time: 1:13:14
Released: 06/2003

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  01   Unit 2 - 12:40
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  02   Flussiger Vier-Takter (Radioscope Mix) - 8:27

  03   Driftwood - 6:07

  04   All In A Mouse's Flight - 5:51

  05   Metropolis - 7:29

  06   Strange Attractor - 4:42

  07   The Messenger - 4:44

  08   Half A Lifetime - 23:14

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Ciaran Rooney joins Grant on the simply awesome opener 'Unit 2'. How dare Grant keep it hidden way from us for so long! A lovely deep lead line gets things underway then a classic mid 70's sequence literally thunders forth. Virtual guitar takes lead duties from time to time but other great stabs of wonderful analogue sounds are also used to fantastic effect. It's a hell of a way to start the album, 100% intense, 110% retro heaven.

Next up is the only track here which wasn't recorded pre- 'The Demon Haunted World' as it is a version of 'Flussiger Vier-Takter' the boys recorded for me for a project I had in mind which simply never happened. They have called it the 'Radioscope edit' though it sounds more like a re- recording. This time stunning electric guitar replaces the piano of the original giving a much more powerful, meaner edge. It particularly lets rip near the end. There are also additional lead lines from the fifth minute making an already exciting track even more so. 'Driftwood' gives us a little rest from the awesome mayhem of the first two numbers as we gently float on soft pads, wonderfully overlaid with an almost throbbing bass drone over the top giving added depth. 'All in A Mouse's Flight' has had an official release before but only on a very rare various artists promo given away many years ago to members of SMD. It takes us back to Tangerine Dream sequencer driven territory. Again the sound chosen for the sequence is extremely ballsey. It rumbles along quite nicely as lead lines weave their magic over the top. 'Metropolis' was recorded on a Roland 100m modular. Wailing sounds moan over the top as thick shimmers emerge from the gates of hell. A sequence, sounding more like an alarm siren is added and ominous bell tones ring out. It's a bit like a much darker version of something from 'Phaedra'.

'Strange Attractor' stands up as a track in its own right but Grant later used it as the basis for the middle section of 'The Aeon's Day'. The pattern of the sequence is similar but the sound chosen for it is a little different. It's basically a no holds barred sequencer romp being much greater in the power department than subtlety. 'The Messenger' on the other hand has a bit of a Tangerine Dream film music quality to it and like the preceding track was also used as the basis for some of the mammoth 'The Aeon's Day'. The last track is the fantastic 23 minute 'Half A Lifetime' and again I can't believe how Grant has managed to keep such a superb track under wraps for so long. It heavily features David McGibbon and is again very 70's Tangerine Dream influenced.

A haunting lead line emerges from a rather abstract beginning. Things become quite gentle, beautiful even. A delicate electric guitar lead line emerges in the fifth minute over a deep dark drone. Then in comes the sequence- as always from Under the Dome its superb having a rumbling bass quality to it. It gradually increases in intensity, other electronic touches and stabs adding details here and there. Guitar is again added in the eleventh minute, little runs of notes acting as support and some brighter detail to the all dominating sequence. Things get chaotic in a rather good way with seven minutes to go. It sounds as if planes are screaming through the air crashing to the ground as the sequence becomes even more bass laden.

A couple of minutes later we return to the calmness of rolling pads sounding like the breaking of the sea on shore. Through this a beautiful acoustic guitar melody emerges being in contrast to all that has gone before and extremely effective as a result. It's a lovely way to finish the album. (DL)