Night Forest Reality by Faryus


Night Forest Reality

8 tracks

Running time: 0:54:36
Released: 09/2008

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  01   Prelude - 1:48

  02   Night Forest Vision - 10:32
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  03   Gust - 1:43

  04   Night Forest Feeling - 11:55
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  05   Stars - 6:02
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  06   Mirage - 2:15
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  07   Night Forest Reflections - 11:24
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  08   Night Forest Vibrations - 8:57
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More Info

"Night Forest Reality"

"Night Forest Reality" describes a world which does not exist in daylight, arising when the last dying beam of sunshine fades from dark shaggy branches of old trees, when air becomes damp and hearing sharpens. A constant feeling of someone's presence borders the periphery. From the impenetrable darkness in the heart of the wood, a cool wind forces leaves to tremble, hardly distinguishable in the twilight. It only imparts its vibration and a touch of cold air to the face, a suggestion of swaying branches, sparkling streams and the rustle of revived grass. Dew drops barely sparkle in the gloom, reflecting the stars blinking in bottomless moonless depth. The night wood, frightening and attracting, living an invisible life, populated by unfamiliar ancient beings. Almost nothing visible in the impenetrable darkness, but exposing its mysteries via sounds of the unseen, of that which should not be seen."

D.I. Abigor. 2008

Limited edition of 500 pieces, FAR-20, 2008