Pollard / Daniel / Booth by Pollard / Daniel / Booth

Pollard / Daniel / Booth

Pollard / Daniel / Booth

3 tracks

Running time: 1:06:46
Released: 05/2009

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  01   Envelopes - 30:40
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  02   Skaters - 10:36
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  03   Ladders - 25:30
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First album from the new Pollard/Daniel/Booth project. This was recorded live in the studio, with absolutely no overdubs, on Saturday 28th March 2009.

This marks the first recorded outing for Pollard's new Arrick/Synthesizers.com modular synth, nice atmospherics from Booth's array of kit, and some solid guitar lines and synth work from Daniel. The album features three extended tracks, and is a meeting of old analogue equipment with a respectful nod at the past, while having
one foot in the here and now.

Berlin Schule fans will enjoy this album immensely.

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