Welcome to musiczeit.com. This is the home of electronic dance music and everything and anything related to electronica. This website celebrates all that’s so awesome and sublime about electronic dance music.

Listen, we understood that in many quarters of the world, electronic dance music and anything related to music produced by machines are not exactly held in high esteem. We get that. This is not new. This is not a secret.

Regardless of the hate, however, we celebrate the fact that this type of music has only one goal. This goal hasn’t changed. This goal ruled in the past. This goal is top of mind today and will continue to be top priority long into the future.

What goal am I talking about? Well, it really is quite basic. Electronica and electronic dance music is all about making people happy. When people are happy, when they’re content, when they’re fulfilled, they dance.

It’s very hard to find depressed people dancing. It’s very hard to find people who are worried sick about all sorts of anxiety issues putting one foot in front of the other and dancing.

The whole point of electronic dance music is to create some sort of vibrant online spontaneous community that enables people to express themselves through dance.

Electronic dance music has always been associated with Europe. In fact, a lot of the top DJs from all over the world tend to come from Western Europe. DJ Tiesto, chief among them. While American DJ have historically provided a running backbeat or a running foundation for electronic dance music, it is our contention that the major leaps forward as far as creativity, depth and defining the outer limits of this musical form has a distinct European flavor.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We’re not necessarily saying that all electronica is European. Far from it. There are lots of influences from all over the world. Japan, for example, is a big source of influence.

However, when it comes to the dynamism as well as the very pronounced idea as well as sense that we’re dealing not just with some sort of musical category or some sort of musical product but a distinct community that has taken a life of its own, a lot of that is infused and informed by a European spirit regardless of whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.

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